Maria, Back On Her Feet

In one of our courses in Mexico, we did a seed event journey which lasted about an hour with a woman named Maria. She volunteered to do the journey with the group, and ended up experiencing liberation from an intense pain that had been with her for many years.

I am not always aware of the outcomes or the healing that takes place afterwards with people assisting my courses. They come to the course and experience a new dimension of awareness, something that they are not used to, and after the course they return to their normal lives. The hope is that they go back to that «old life» with a new perspective on the events that show up as a difficulty. If the experience of awakening or of realization grows strong roots, the person can go back to living their life and hopefully interpret and view problems and symptoms in a whole new light. When a problem can be seen as a message, then it can be solved in a different way. My hope is that beyond the time spent in the course, a person keeps developing this new perspective and continues to experience life in this new way.

            In Maria’s case, I received a letter from her in which she tells us about her changes and her evolution. Here is the letter:

Dear Joseph,


    For many years, I had endured an intense pain in my legs and often the pain in my feet reached intolerable levels. Whether I was sitting or laying down, there was no escaping it. I am writing you about the discovery of what triggered it.  

     When you and I met in the course, I was already fascinated with my research and discoveries on the body-mind relationship. But I never imagined that I would have such an incredible experience or that I would be witnessing such magic through your approach to the adventure.

On the Sunday morning before the course, I called your organizer to say that I would be a little late for the course as I had just made the decision to take it and it was getting really close. Just moments before calling, I thought that there was no way that I would be able to get to the venue because I was in so much pain. There were many occasions where the pain stopped me from being able to do something that I really wanted to do by almost paralyzing me. When I got to the course you said to me, «How nice to see you, I am glad you could make it.» And I broke down and cried. I had pulled together all my strength and courage to get there because I was so tired of this pain. It was at that moment that you asked me if I would be willing to volunteer my case for the journey to the seed event in the course; to which I agreed.

You asked me, «When was the first time that you felt this intense pain?»

I told you that the first time was in 1986 when I was 27 years old and that it happened in a stadium during an event in my city. My job at this event was to receive and host ambassadors from different countries of the world and during that day I began to feel pain in my legs and in my feet. The pain was so great that the paramedics in the ambulance gave me an injection of a powerful pain killer and said that I had phlebitis (an inflammation of the veins in the legs), but that it was not known for sure yet. It was the first time that it ever happened to me and my legs turned black.

So back to the course, you accompanied me in signaling and finding the seed event. In the process I remember going back to a time when I was three years old. I was in front of my dear grandmother Carmen, who had always adored me, and taken great care of me. I have great memories of her.

One day she was sitting in her chair, she was getting old, she was thin and she was dressed all nice and sitting there comfortably. I remember that I was walking by her and I tripped over one of her legs, which provoked a reaction of extreme pain and agony from her. She was gasping and saying «Ay, ay, ay…» I was petrified by what was happening. I can’t remember what I was doing when it happened, whether I was dancing or going to give her a kiss, I don’t clearly remember. I did not know what to do or how to say I was sorry. I just remember her holding up her hand so that I would not come any closer and do anymore damage.

    Afterwards, during the next practice, you asked me to take this experience to the inner temple and that I talk to my Grandmother there. I realized right away that she was not mad or upset with me. She was only trying to protect herself from anything more happening. When we finished with the journey to the inner temple, you asked me to get up and walk. I walked on the outer edges of my feet, which seemed to be a cautionary way of walking, taking care that I not hurt anyone. At that point you suggested that, from now on I should walk normally using the whole bottom of my foot.

I should mention that the day before you had asked, -«What gifts we had brought to the party?» and I had answered, «I brought the pain in my feet that prevent me from walking, speaking and thinking.» You repeated what I said and then said, «How interesting!» I later understood your statement in the discoveries of the next day.

 That day I felt no pain. I was able to finish the course and go home and rest that evening. I can tell you that until this day, almost two years later, I am completely free of pain!