Dana, Gets Her Eyesight Back

The following section is the last stages of an investigation into a seed event that we did with a woman named Dana. She was a person who was having problems with her eyesight. She was having some sort of detachment or release of the retina, which the doctors had tried to fix with a couple of operations, but with little success. Her left eye had about 5% vision left and there was no improvement expected. At that point in her life she had just left her partner and she was horrified by the idea of a future where she saw herself alone and abandoned.

 With Dana’s permission the session was recorded. We enter further into the session where we had reached a place in the journey to the seed event that was before conception. This is how it went:

Dana was connected to a space, which she was pointing out with her hand, and experiencing a sensation of warmth, like a warm energy that was enveloping her completely. She describes it as floating in a space with no form or no confines. Then she sees herself enter into her mother’s womb, and a moments later the warm feeling that surrounded her goes away. She feels that there are some hard times ahead. So she pleads with this warm enveloping energy, «Don’t leave me here, don’t leave me. What’s happening, what’s going on?»

So we attempted to go back to the warm space, and the warm energy tells her that it is always there, although she might not have realized it until now, and that she can always connect to it if she opens her heart and has faith. Dana goes towards the energy, she dives in and becomes one with it. At that particular moment she knows what and who she is and she gets this overwhelming feeling that her path is the path of love on this earth.

I suggest that she look at where the energy is coming from and where it is going, that she looks beyond her own adventure. Dana recognizes the space as the same before and after life, but with subtle differences in the quality of the light. From this space of oneness she sees a light in the distance and she lets that light come towards here and becomes one with everything around her. She describes it as a gentle golden rain that is falling all over her body, a higher concentration falling on her tummy.

From that space she can see forward, almost like looking into the future and she is also drawn to it. She also feels that light seems to come from beyond the future. Something amazing is happening and the all the participants in the room can feel it. She keeps feeling this golden light around her. It does not seem to matter what happens in her life journey now, she now has a new understanding and confidence in what is to come.

In the process of doing this work we were able to resolve something with regards to her mother. The left side of our body represents the feminine side and the main manifestation of an eye problem in Dana was in her left eye.

Near the end of the session, I ask her how she is feeling and what she is seeing. She opens her eyes and she can see fairly clearly and she says:

«I can see fairly clearly, something seems to be fixing itself!»

A moment later she had a bit of an itch in her left eye and she rubbed it and the blurry vision came back. At that moment she realizes that when she is connected to that wonderful energy she can see clearly and when she disconnects, she goes back to seeing blurry.

She goes back into the inner space that I seem to have interrupted, and we continue:

«Oh, I am back and I am feeling pressure around me» she says. «I seem to be entering a physically constrained space. Is it my body, what am I feeling?» She is under the impression that this is the time of birth. «I am falling away from this comfortable space, the warm wrapping energy is going away.»

I suggest, «Is there any way that you can you try to stay connected to the warm energy?» The idea is to stay connected to the light she decribed. Recognizing that the outside is the shape of the physical and that the inside is the being, the one that you really are. After some time of visualizing this and integrating the concept, she opens her eyes and says:


“I have gone through a very powerful experience here! I am not even sure what happened!”


At the end of the session we agreed that the feeling that she had of feeling abandoned or left behind began at some point in her mother’s womb. Once she understood this, she began to feel accompanied by the light. She was getting a better understanding of what it is to just be, wherever and whenever. That is how we left it. We said our goodbyes and I wished her well on her path.

We had witnessed an amazing transformation, given that:

            1) Dana had seen the connection between her loss of vision and her inability to see her future.

            2) She realized that her feeling of loneliness, which she was projecting forward, had started long before the relationship break. The seed event, which was this feeling of feeling alone, and that the road ahead was going to be difficult, actually started in her mother’s womb.

            3) During the seed event, Dana experienced an integration that made her realize that she had never been alone. She came to terms with the idea that her purpose was so much more than having a partner and looking for company. What completed her personal transformation was knowing that she had never been alone and that she never will be alone.

            I was giving some courses a little later in the year and I met several people who had signed up for the course on her recommendation. They told me that Dana had gotten her eyesight back, and she had moved to the United States with her new partner.