“We bring Soul to Mind/Body Medicine”

The Art of knowing how Life speaks through the Body

Medicine of the Soul is the art of knowing how Life speaks through the body. Your soul is the individual expression of life and if you listen to it, you will see and guide your life in a very direct and practical way.

In Medicine of the Soul we don´t view life as random. The physical symptoms of our bodies is a language used by the soul to communicate with you. Each and every illness, accident, pain, physical and emotional distress is directly related to a concrete part of your life that is telling you something.

Each one of us has a mission or a purpose in life. How aligned we are to it will determine how our body speaks to us, with vitality or illness. We will learn to listen to our bodies and follow its guidance.

We offer the exploration, of how each one of us creates our own experience of reality at many levels, including physical and emotional symptoms. In this journey to your inner being we will learn to use intuition to connect with your fountain of creativity. Your soul will guide you; your symptoms are messages that indicate a resistance to fulfill your life’s purpose. Medicine of the Soul, besides being a remarkable tool for your health, opens a door to welcoming life’s mysteries

Do you know?

Do you know that each illness or physical difficulty is directly related to a concrete part of your life that is telling you something?

Do you think that illnesses randomly appear and that we are simply victims of the Universe?

In Medicine of the Soul, life is not random and it speaks thru your body. An illness is one of the languages that life uses to speak to you.

If you are sick or have a physical problem, you may think that you have done nothing to cause it. You may also think that there is nothing you can do to change the course of your health. With Medicine of the Soul, you can discover what you have done to create your current situation and can begin to change that behavior. Once you know how you have been participating in the creation of your illness you can learn to participate in it’s healing.

As mentioned above, Your soul will guide you. Your symptoms are showing that you are resisting the flow of life toward your life’s purpose. Medicine of the Soul, besides being an amazing tool for your health, opens a door for your relationship to the mysteries of life.


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