The Art of Listening to what Life is Saying to You
The Art of Creating your Life and your Body

Welcome to the Art of Listening your Life and your Body

What? Are you talking to me? Hopefully the following pages of ideas and examples will help make the clear answer a yes. Life sends us messages in a myriad of ways. For understanding Life’s language, we need to awaken an art that we have forgotten;
The Language of the Soul, the Art of listening to Life.

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The Language of the Soul is Joseph’s third book, although it is his first book available in English. It is an in-depth look at understanding the creative process that is behind the adverse situations and circumstances that enter our lives and provides vital and powerful clues for making sense of what is happening.

When we ignore our own inner wisdom, life sends us messages. If the initial messages are missed or ignored, then they can become intense callings that manifest themselves in a more powerful way, through injury and disease. Finding the message in these occurrences is what he calls collecting the gift. It is a process of awakening, which can free us and heal us from pain and suffering.

We are the creative artists of our life and of our physical body. It is in part unconscious, given that nobody would consciously create pain or disease in their life. However understanding that we are the creators of the scenario that we call life, is crucial to getting aligned with it. When we are aligned with our path and purpose, we experience a smoother ride.

Welcome to the Adventure!

Life Comes Calling

The Art of Listening to What Life is Saying To You

We are spiritual Beings in a human adventure, although most of the time we perceive ourselves as nothing more than a physical body defined by the sum of our thoughts, passions and possessions. It can also seem like life is a constant struggle. Sometimes we feel abandoned and all alone. We may even reach a point of not wanting to carry on, however we are here to live this physical experience and it has a lot to teach us.

More than just a mind trying to direct a physical body through a mystery that we seem unable to understand rationally, we are the expression of consciousness in a human being. This miraculous body is host to the intelligence that is at the creative origin of the universe. Each and every one of us has the complete knowledge of the universe within us. We have everything we need to live a complete and healthy life. That is part of what we have come here to savour, discover and experience.

In Adventure of the Soul, we explore the human journey from our arrival in the womb to the moment we abandon this physical body to rejoin Oneness. Once our purpose has been realized, we continue our journey back to where we came from. This experience on earth, which is spiritual in nature, can be elevated to a blissful one if we become more aware of the movements and details all around us. We need to listen more carefully to what Life is saying to us.

It can be said that we have achieved a certain mastery in the art of listening to what life when we are able to see the messages contained in the events that happen in our daily occurrences, especially the events that we perceive as negative, uncomfortable and sometimes even contradictory. If we are attentive, if we listen carefully, we have the ability to hear the message clearly. Then if we are able to take that message and integrate it into our lives, we can convert it into a gift. I will refer to integrating the gift throughout this book.

Getting the message may prove easier when it is delivered through a pleasant experience, like winning the lottery or falling in love. It gets more complicated when the experience appears as an obstacle or a setback in your life. It becomes even more of a challenge if it shows up as an injury or an illness in your body.

Welcome to the art of listening to and aligning yourself with life. We all have the amazing ability to do so. The aim of this book is to activate that capacity. This book is about awakening the conscious and creative artist that we are, in creating our own reality as well as our own body. We will learn how to interpret life’s happenings/occurrences/events and develop a way of aligning our self with its purpose, which will in turn lead to a healthy body and a sense of peace in your life.

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The Art of Listening to Life


One Night, tired

I abandoned all sense of purpose


The purpose that Life had for me

Had come full circle


I felt a deep peace

I stopped breathing


All of a sudden

I felt Life’s breath

Joseph Soler

Life Sends us Messages

Sometimes things happen in our life that are totally unexpected, unforeseen and not in the plans. Although we try hard at times to coordinate and schedule what goes on in our lives, we do not always seem to be in control.

If you visualize your life as a sailboat navigating a course in the open sea, one of these unforeseen events can be seen as the impulse that changes your direction of travel; perhaps a change in the direction of the wind. If you are alert and responsive, a slight adjustment in the rudder can make it go smoothly and feel rather natural. However, if no adjustment is made, the situation stands to become uncomfortable. The first sign are when the sails start to flutter. You still have time to make the adjustments and return to smooth sailing, but if you persist in not making any adjustments, then the fluttering and flapping get more intense, forward movement slows and the whole situation becomes rough and turbulent. You could even end up, as they say, dead in the water.

In Adventure of the Soul these unforeseen events are messages from Life, aimed at getting us to adjust our course. It is a call from Life or from our soul, reminding us to follow our path in a conscious way. Life is constantly reminding us to stay tuned to the moment. If we deal with the call right away, then the adjustment or the turn can go smoothly and gently; we call this, instant alignment[1]. You will know that you are aligned and in tune with what needs to happen because you will feel good about what has happened despite the perceived inconveniences. We will delve deeper into the perception of inconveniences.

As mentioned, if you do not heed with the call and make an adjustment, which basically amounts to ignoring the situation and continuing on the old course; then there will be a more intense call in the future, which will require more dramatic adjustments.

The soul is consciousness and it is connected to everything around us, it is our spiritual dimension. Life’s calls are the soul calling and trying to make contact with self to guide us and align us with our spiritual nature and our path of purpose. This is manifested on different levels through what we call gentle calls and intense calls. The gentler calls come to us through intuitions, dreams, synchronicities and events that happen in our external reality; on the stage of life. Sometimes it is referred to as our inner voice.

Life does not have the luxury of telling us what is happening with conventional language. Language is a creation of humans for understanding each other. You may have observed, that even as such, it is not always the most effective method of communication. So Life sends us messages in a myriad of ways and these are what I refer to as the calling or the call. These messages contain a gift and this gift can be converted into something precious and powerful in our process of evolution and personal growth.

If we listen well and hear the call, we then have the opportunity to respond or react. It then becomes the art of saying “Yes” to what life is presenting. It is about saying yes in every moment and not just to the things we like. We will cover the many techniques in achieving this and generating forward movement in our life. If at any point we do not hear the call properly or we just ignore it, then it will just reappear at some other inopportune time. It usually comes back a little louder and with more intensity in order to be heard or noticed. This is all in an attempt to help us reach a deeper understanding of what is going on and to help us make the necessary adjustments for moving forward. The easiest and most direct way to align with your life or spiritual path is to embrace what Life is offering. We often talk about going with the flow. This is the flow that I am talking about.

We also have the choice of saying, «No» at every turn in our journey. We can stay in denial, choose confrontation, crash into barriers and swim against the current. However being receptive and open to our impulses[2] and intuitions helps us keep in phase with Life every step of the way. Beyond the idea of fulfilling our purpose, it is much easier to follow our life path when we can identify and be guided by the constant flow of impulse and instinct.

We can align ourself with our instincts or we can ignore or resist them. If we resist, the impulse will only get bigger and stronger the next time it arises. If we resist again, then it will erupt with even more power. The call goes from being a light one to what I call an intense call.

The more intense calls affect the physical body in a more notable way and tend to have a more drastic effect on the rhythm of one’s life. Physical pain, injury, accidents, separation and loss are examples of major events that indicate a need for change on the path of life. More serious manifestations such as chronic disease, extreme physical discomfort and injury, are the soul sending louder and more insistent messages. These events have a greater effect in shaping or reshaping our life journey. They are signs. If we choose to ignore these messages or disregard the signs and synchronicities, then that will ultimately have an effect on the path we are choosing; the path that we are in fact creating.

A grave illness is an intense call from the soul, which is pointing towards a need for radical change in the course of one’s life. When we listen carefully and pay attention, we can receive the gift that is contained within that message. When we cease to resist and engage and flow with what is happening, all can be good. Internal change translates to notable forward motion and improvement in our circumstances.

This book is aimed at anyone who recognizes life as a journey or an adventure where there are gifts and jewels at every turn in the road. I will share many techniques for developing the ability to recognize them. The intention of this book is to share the vision, so that more and more people, at whatever stage of their journey, can interpret the messages and see the gift that is beyond the adverse or unpleasant circumstance that is being experienced.

Something made you pick up this book. Maybe someone recommended it, maybe the title peaked your interest, maybe you heard of our courses or you just chanced upon it. Whichever way it happened, you could see it as one of those gentle calls in your life; a synchronicity perhaps? Our soul is always sending things our way and putting things on our path. Sometimes we just happen to notice them, sometimes we miss them and other times they slap us square in the forehead.

Welcome to the fact that you said “Yes” to this call, which is a guide to enjoying your path in life, a path filled with the twists and turns of the unknown. It is an honor to be part of your journey.

I hope that this book can accompany you on this inescapable journey; the journey of discovering what you really are.