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Adventure of the Soul


The Adventure of the Soul explores the journey that starts before conception,

and is present until after the dissolution of the body.


We are an spiritual being in a human body. It is possible that many times we perceive ourselves conceptually as nothing more than a body, and we are identified with our thoughts. Although sometimes we are feel alone and lost, as if everything was against us, we are an embodied soul. We are the expression of a drop of consciousness in a body, and not a thinking mind trying to understand or manage a physical body, which finally contains all the wisdom of the universe.

This site is directed to anyone who has the spirit to recognize the life as a journey or adventure where gifts await at every step of the path, if you develop the vision to recognize them. The intention is share this vision for more and more people, to any step of the journey, could find the gifts that are there, beyond what appears an adverse circumstance.The soul, which is an individual expression of Spirit, plays with purpose, manifesting itself in a body at the time of conception. We come from the One and merge with the One.

The Adventure of the Soul describes the journey between two doors, conception and dissolution, a journey that explores the illusive concept of time and also the mirage of separation from the source of Life.


The Adventure of the Soul is the art of listening to life, to be aligned with It.
We all have that wonderful ability and the intention of this side is to awaken it.


Photo by Marcus Dupuis. Wave at Canary Islands


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Support your meditation on the experience of awakening

Who or what you are? ...  Space
Space where things happen!
Everything happens at the space
Hear a sound. When it starts, when it finishes
Just like the sound, everything start and finish: a thought, an emotion, a pain, any situation.
So, instead to focus in what is happening, focus in the space where it is happening.
...you are everything happening at that space...
Let it be, and observe how it appears and disappears.

I believe that most of us enjoy making love.
When you make love with someone, then you become one with the other.
But also, when you touch something, you make love with it.
...you become one with the things you touch.
When you become one with something, you become one with Everything.
You are One, then it is not “you” anymore, only space, vacuum.
Now, at the meditation beginning, remember one experience when you became one with complete life, could be at sunrise, or looking to the full moon, or at nature contemplation , or making love, or holding or looking a little baby...
Then, revives this experience in your body... Completely, falling into this feeling...
Start making love with the space around you, feel that your skin is melting on the space, becoming ONE


 In his meditation commitment, Josep has experimented with these paths: Tibetan Buddhism, Vipassana, Hindu and Kashmir Tantra.

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